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Pressing matters Part of women the women Envoy role is making sure that we are visible and noticed in the wider public as without a know way of promoting our work, and this often involves working with the local press in our home towns and in Osnabrück.
As well as taking part in receptions, school visits and parades, we also get to gottingen host our own radio station once a month, where we report (in both German and our native language!) on events in our home towns and play music from our home.
Like any guest from one of our partner cities, the children sites and trainers were officially greeted in the Peace Hall of Osnabrück by the Mayor and myself.
Isabelle Adjani (C) Städtepartnerschaftsbüro Osnabrück The manic month of May has now come to an end as we enter the last quarter of our year here in Osnabrück, and preparations are already being made for know our replacements next year.
We hope that what gottingen we did this year will set a good example for our successors but will also allow them to improve on areas where we could have done better!Mouaâd shows off his expert French duck impression Ich wünsche euch allen frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch in das neue Jahr!Max (Haarlem) was very convincing as a high-pitched Dutch hen, whilst Arseniys (Tver) gruff Russian voice brought to life the mysterious wolf.A big thank wants you to them for all their hard work!We then spoke to the children about how Christmas is celebrated in our different countries.(C) Pentermann Tigers fairies: Face painting Whilst each colleague was on the stage hosting their concert, we didnt just stand around and watch we had faces to paint!Meeting the British Consul General Disucssing future cooperation between German and UK cities post-Brexit Reception for school children from Çanakkale A significant part of the Envoys role is working on collaborative exchanges and projects between schools in Osnabrück and the partner cities.CS (C) Jens without Lintel Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.Books Without Borders reading, as part of our collaborative work with the city library here in Osnabrück, we often give multi-lingual readings for children.This year, Mouaâd and I women spoke to the pupils about our home cities and took them on a guided tour around the Old Town.Id really like to thank my bosses, Jens Claudia, for their professionalism and personal support.This caught the attention of the local press, who just happened to come along when it woman was my turn to bake something English.

My name is Lydia Martin and I am the new Derby Envoy in women Osnabrück.
This has probably been ramonas the shortest only women post since Ive taken over the blog but the best is still to women come therell be much more to read about in three weeks time!
This year discover the successful applicant from Derby was Chris Lockwood.
May has been the most stressful month so far, and its not like we werent warned!I have also found the role of envoy particularly rewarding and special given all the different looking people I have met, young and old, looking who are so interested in British culture and are committed to intercultural exchange.(C) Stadt Osnabrück Saying goodbye to the Mayor and showing our video One important person for us to say goodbye to was the person at the top who contributed to making this wonderful opportunity looking possible women and enjoyable the Lord Mayor, Wolfgang Griesert.The only Begegnungsabend left this year is the German-Turkish Evening on 5th June.Conveniently located directly women across the street from the main railway station in Osnabrück, the 4-star Advena Hotel Hohenzollern City Spa is one of the very best lodging discover spots women within the city.

Every year, a popular childrens story is chosen and the different characters divided between the Envoys who then translate their part from German into their mother tongue.
I hope you enjoy reading about everything we got up to over the past 2 months!
You just have to follow our Facebook page Städtepartnerschaftsbüro Osnabrück and log in on Friday to find out!