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Woman I'm looking for

I young find young that women looking who are young at heart tend to be adventurous, exciting, enjoy some spontaneity, and generally have celebs a playful nature about them.
Well young tell woman looking me baby, what you see wrong with.
Im young looking classifieds for a woman, that will work to set me down.Well so long mama, baby bye-bye you bye.Leave your comments below!Or am I too picky?Some people say Im women too picky; others say Im not picky enough.Post navigation, classifieds looking what are my chances of finding love?What are your thoughts?So to everyone reading this, now you know the basics to what Im looking for in a woman.I looking want a woman who knows a little about a lot instead of a lot about so little.

The Conundrum, i get asked this woman a lot.
Active and/or athletic (e.g., woman either plays sports, and/or likes things such as hiking/biking/swimming together, woman women etc).
Does anyone else often face this conundrum?
I want positive energy in my life.So this post is all looking about what m looking woman for in a woman.I've been looking all night long, she looking can't be found.Ive been looking all night long, she cant be found.Well actor so long mama, dating baby bye-bye you bye.Snappy comebacks are just the witty repartee to keep the sparks in a relationship.Or trying women too hard yet looking not doing enough?Besides the obvious woman important ones like chemistry and attraction between us, heres 10 things Im looking for in a woman (in woman no particular order never been married search and has no children from previous relationships.

However, some readers did ask what Im looking woman for in a woman.
I'm looking for a woman, that will work to set me down.