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The main protagonist of Cucumber Quest, a switzerland wizard-in-training with considerable talent, wants nothing more than to be "that nice old guy people go farmer to for help with their crops or something" when looking he grows.
Weber/Kross from Rune Factory Frontier.
A depressing version occurs looking in Mace: The Dark Age.
The second season finale of Exosquad showed that Admiral Winfield became a rancher after the switzerland end of the war.
Of course, this being Jason Statham, he's also a martial arts expert wants and can fight with any weapon.Subverted wants in the Hammer's Slammers novel The Sharp End.Years later, he was called back to deal with an wife internal threat (an aristocrat looking was reportedly plotting to become the King he came, summoned said aristocrat to defend himself from the accusations, had him killed and returned home.The Master is an extremely powerful sorcerer who once worked against the Allied forces during farmer WW2.A To Your Scattered Bodies Go was author Philip Jose Farmers 1971 novel that went on the win the 1972 Hugo Award for Best Novel.Brom and Nephenee follow the example of Wallace above, given that they were farmers before signing up to defend Crimea.Drummer Bill Berry retired from rock to work a farm kempen in Georgia about a half-hour's drive from Athens.

During the wants battle woman with The Empire, he briefly wonders wife what he'll do after the wants battle hero is over, and decides that lady after what he's achieved throughout the story, a simple life as farmer a farmer would no longer satisfy him.
The final scene shows them like this.
He was employed by the Syndicate as a biologist trying to create an alien human hybrid.
Hitler's architect Albert Speer date helped design and plant the garden young in the Spandau Prison.The Call Knows Where You Live, naturally, but Kenichi never polish actually quits the club.A retirement village for calw spies on the run has a high suicide rate which the man running it has to constantly hush.Fighting for a Homeland, for example).Isaac did not pull out an assault netherlands rifle and gun down.Being A Father to His Men, romanian Taki refuses and the dream never comes to pass.He wasn't much good at it, however, and couldn't turn down the call women to return to active duty in the next game.

Of course, this being 40k, Yarrick came back out of retirement when Ghazghkull returned at the head of an even bigger Ork horde to launch the Third Armageddon War, and hero has vowed to go back only when Ghazghkull is dead.
The final novel ends with the main character Relkin and his dragon Bazil retiring to a life of farming after their term of military service.