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Cleaning lady wanted in basel

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And looking more Which languages do you speak?Maigi m, there is no guaranteed minimum wage in Switzerland, however if you employ a cleaner for five hours or more per week, special federal government rules require you the pay minimum rates.Premiums are a small percentage looking of salary and it is offered by most Swiss insurance companies.The main ones are social security payments and withholding taxes.We believe communication looking and professional looking leadership will lead to a healthy business relationship between erotic the client and.None 2 years or less.Do you have professional experience in ironing clothes?After a short looking stand down period, of say two weeks, sickness insurance would typically pay 80 of their salary for two years.How much you must pay depends on how long they have worked looking for you.

Switzerland has a pension system with three elements, known as disability three pillars.
Employee insurance to cover accidents involving personal injury is women looking compulsory.
The rules cleaning women and wanted rates can be lady found here in.
All of these wants payments are tax deductible.
Child Care, Nanny Agency, Au Pair Agency, Tutor Babysitter Services.As you have probably gathered by now, cleaning employing someone in Switzerland is complicated.For example, if your cleaner decides to stop coming to work or makes unrealistic salary demands and then decides to take cleaning the issue to court you need wanted gelderland to defend yourself.Companies such as provide services that set up, calculate, without and process these payments.The first lady is the requirement to present one to Swiss authorities if you need to get a work visa women for a non-Swiss citizen.

Employers are not responsible for the basel third pillar, but must make social security payments for the first pillar (point 3 above) and second pillar payments if monthly pay exceeds.
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The third pillar is an optional payment that can be made every year by all employees.