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3.3 Statistical techniques.3.1 Source data statistical techniques Compilation method of annual total population estimate: In the wants period between censuses, the population of the Russian Federation is estimated annually as stand of January 1 of each year following the census.
1.2.3 Attribution woman of statistical products Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) The data are published without ministerial commentary.
0.1.3 Confidentiality of individual reporters' data.
The collection night of mentioned data may also be performed either with the aid of communications equipment or at special premises set up as census night enumeration offices.Scope of the data Geographic coverage: Vital stand statistics data, as well as population census data, cover the entire territory best of the Russian Federation.Data from the processing of primary documents stand used to record migrants, which are compiled in the process of registration or removal from registration when a person changes his place of residence, as well as information on the number of migrants registered at a place.The room collection of population data is performed through population surveys and the completion of census forms during visits to dwellings and other premises where the persons being surveyed reside (spend their time).The above mentioned documents women is available in Russian on the following Rosstat's webpage: Federal Law On Official Statistical Accounting and State statistics system in the Russian Federation ( m Statute on the Federal State Statistics Service ( m ).Or, keep up-to-date by following Denver7.Suspects were acquaintances of family of kidnapped man.At the federal level, an estimate of the total, matchmaking urban, and rural population is performed for constituent territories of the Russian Federation (republics, krays, oblasts, the federally designated cities of Moscow and.

0.1.2 Data sharing and coordination among data producing agencies.
The kempen Russian Population Census is conducted after at least once every date ten years.
2 young No one shall be discriminated against by any public authority on any ground such as those mentioned in after paragraph.
Population Census: The Russian Population Census consists of meet the collection of data about people who are located after on the territory of the Russian Federation on a certain date, and it is performed throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation following a uniform state statistical.This Protocol shall be open for after signature by member date States of the Council of Europe which have signed the Convention.Foreign citizens meet who enjoy immunity sucht and privileges in woman accordance with international switzerland treaties of the Russian Federation are excluded from the data.2 In respect of any member State which subsequently expresses its consent to be bound by it, the Protocol shall enter into force on the first day of the month following the expiration of a period of three months after the date of the deposit.1.2.4 Advance notice of major changes in methodology, source data, and statistical techniques Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) Major changes in methodology are noted in the relevant publications after their implementation.

The data cover the date following persons: In the 2010 Russian Population Census, the permanent population of Russia comprised citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens, and stateless persons permanently residing and located in the territory of Russiaon the date of the census, including those who were temporarily absent.
Relationship to the Convention, as between the States Parties, the provisions of Articles 1 and 2 of this Protocol shall be regarded as additional articles to the Convention, and all the provisions of the Convention shall apply accordingly.
Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat article 4 of the Law defines rational choice of sources in order to generate official statistical information to ensure its completeness, reliability and timeliness of provision, as well as to reduce the burden on respondents as one of the principles.